Jessie San

I am a third year student at the Cleveland Institute of Art in the Biomedical Art major. I also focus on Physical and Forensic Anthropology.  

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Joseph Jernigan, Visible Human Project

Forensic/Facial Reconstruction

Skull with tissue depth markers in place

3DMax, Zbrush, DeepUV, Deep Paint, Photoshop

Japanese Inn

3D modeling using 3Dmax

Immune Response

3D + 2D illustration using 3DMax and photoshop


3D + 2D illustration using 3Dmax and photoshop

Geriatrics Cover - genetrics

Geriatrics medical journal cover on genes, mapping of human genome, chromosomes and DNA chips

3D/2D illustration using Zbrush, 3DMax, and composite in Photoshop


clearshield animation stills small

Craniofacial implant animations stills